We are delighted to welcome you to The Tanglewood Partnership website. Our aim is to be a sustainable partnership of schools that delivers the strongest provision to achieve the highest possible outcomes - both academically and holistically for all its pupils.

Here you will find information on the wide range of our activities that The Tanglewood Partnership offers and how you can engage with us

We work collaboratively to improve the education system by:

  • ensuring the supply of well qualified teachers through effective initial teacher training
  • creating excellent professional development opportunities for their own colleagues and colleagues in other schools
  • ensuring the supply of skilled senior leaders and headteachers
  • providing support for schools in challenging circumstances
  • designating and deploying Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  • engaging in research and development, seeking innovative solutions

The Tanglewood Partnership is committed to supporting and collaborating with schools, within our partnership and beyond to promote improvement in all schools to ensure that our young people achieve the best they can.

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